The Process

Daventry is home to a very professional body shop where quality is never compromised by the difficulty of the job.

We specialise in refinishing cars that deserve to have a top quality professional finish that will do the car justice.

Composite and fibreglass bodied cars require expert preparation before finally encasing the colour with a deep and durable shine.  At PaintWRX, the panel or bodyshell is first stripped right back to gel coat to ensure all hidden problems are discovered and rectified before refinishing work starts.

Any cracks or crazing in the gel coat are ground out and feathered, then re fibre glassed to ensure a strong and lasting repair.  The whole body is then sprayed with refacing primer.  This allows the panel to be rubbed down by hand to get the panel flat and significantly reduce the original ripple effect commonly found in fibre glassed bodied cars.

Once the surface is flat and smooth, without blemish, primer can be expertly applied.  The body is now ready to accept the colour coat.

The Colour:

We can mix any colour you choose.  Whether it’s an original manufactures colour or special effect finish.  Choose a modern colour from the same manufacturer as your classic.  An almost exhaustive choice is available through the PPG mixing scheme.

After the colour coats, 4 coats of lacquer are carefully applied.  The body is then baked at a temperature of 50 degrees centigrade.  This causes the lacquer to harden and encase the colour in a durable shine.

After the car has been baked, the whole car is hand flatted and polished.  This will ensure a glass finish.

The result is truly terrific.  A paint finish that has got performace glowing in its deep shine.